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This is the section that is often referred to as a blog. Technically your whole site is a blog simply because it is built using WordPress which is a blogging platform.

The story you’re reading right now is actually a blog post which is a newsworthy article posted on your ‘website’ or ‘blog’.

The search engines love posts. Why? Because it shows them there is new and relevent content being created on this site so there’s some action, plus it is ‘on topic’ for what you want the search engines to ‘know’ your site for therefore it must be valid.

Plus the power of blogging is that when you publish a new post it ‘pings’ the search engines (like internet sonar) telling them that there is new and relevent content to be found here, and they come and check you out. We’ve had content ‘indexed’ (found by, known of) by the search engines in under 6 minutes. Cool huh?

WordPress posts should show your readers where you are coming from. You can create as many posts as you like in order to share with your readers what is on your mind.

By you making regular posts or articles you show people your passion and that you really are the ‘go to person’ for your area of expertise.

This will inspire confidence for people to do business with you and also to refer others to you. The higher you are elevated in peoples mind’s then the better chance you have of making serious traction in your industry niche.

You want to give people the sense that you are the one they should be doing business with. ‘People want to do business with people’ so try and engage with people. Write like you talk, take the legal speak hat off and just write, did I mention like you talk!

Also, don’t ‘smell of sell’. Try and help, contribute and guide and make a difference (without giving away the whole shooting match) and people will hold you in high regard. It’s all about consumer confidence and rapport so when you create a connection you start that relational journey for creating a strong client base.

People need to know they can trust you. Then your credibility is sky rocketed you become the authority and ‘go to person’ for your field.

So, start writing and you’re on your way…

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